Umdoni Business Chamber

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Let the UBC work in unison with all the members to strive towards a better understanding of business and its requirements.
Code of Ethics for the UBC
In support of the Chamber's commitment to the promotion of business ethics and the fight against corruption, the Chamber has drawn up the following Code of Ethics with which it asks its members to comply.
  Act ethically at all times taking the reasonable interests of all stakeholders into account.
  Ensure that individuals and entities working for it will be accountable for their conduct.
  Be conducted in a manner that is fair, and in particular does not mislead anyone or misrepresent the products or services offered.
  Not knowingly supply a defective or dangerous product or service.
  Ensure all associated with it must see that confidential information remains as such.
  Be conducted with reasonable care and skill.
  Take reasonable account of interests of the community in which it operates.
Reasons to Join the Chamber

In the corporate world it is extremely important to network; to tell other business people about your business while learning a little about theirs.

UBC takes this into account by offering you the opportunity to do just that.

  • The Chamber offers Business credibility and strengthens image.
  • It speaks on behalf of Business.
  • It is the helping hand when things go wrong
  • It isa mine of reliable business information
  • It helps members keep abreast of their competition
  • It offers opportunities to promote one's own business
  • It provides a valuable networking channel to create new business contacts.


For Members, we also offer...
  • Members Certificates
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Invitations to all Chamber functions
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