Umdoni Business Chamber

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about business chambers

What benefits are there for members?

  • Networking opportunities with like minded individuals
  • Platforms and opportunities for you to market your business, product or service
  • Business linkages and exposure to business opportunities
  • Development through customised training workshops
  • Business services such as:
    • Business advice tailored to the needs of individual businesses
    • Specialist business information & support sources
    • Business coaching and mentoring
    • Access to clear, simple and trustworthy information

What benifits are there for the community?

Besides our engagement and commitment in development of business opportunities for local businesses, our focus will also be on:

  • Addressing key social issues and the needs of our local communities in relation to education and employment
  • Maximising the value of investment and enterprise development in our most disadvantaged communities
  • Holding public meetings where every member of the community will be encouraged to contribute to decision-making
  • Offering support to a wide range of community initiatives
  • Encourage the growth of social entrepreneurship in your area
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